El Nasr For Fertilizers & Chemical Industries is one of the leading companies in manufacturing fertilizers and chemicals.

The company is committed to fulfill the requirements and needs of its customers to achieve their satisfaction and exceed their expectations as well as legal, legislative and regulatory requirements and the establishment, implementation and review of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO9001: 2015 and what is expected with the strengthening of the company’s general and functional strategy taking into account the risks faced.

The Company reviews this policy periodically to ensure its continuity and suitability for the purpose for which it was established.

The company provides all the support for continuous improvement and development of all its activities through: –

1- Optimization of its resources.

2- Using the latest production methods.

3 – Awareness of workers on the quality policy and the pursuit of the objectives of the company.

4 – Striving to build and achieve organized knowledge to support the competitiveness of the company and achieve its strategy.

This policy is publicized, published and available to all stakeholders