Attaka – Suez, Egypt
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Welcome to El-Nasr for fertilizers & chemical industries Co. (SEMADCO): Egyptian contributing company is belonging to the chemical industries holding company and the ministry of public business sector. Headquarters – Factories: Attaka - Suez  - Egypt. The company activity: Producing and marketing nitrogenous fertilizers and intermediate chemicals, established in 1946. Our products: - Solid fertilizers: -
  • Granulated ammonium nitrate (NH4 NO3 )  5% N.
  • Ammonia sulphate ( (NH4)2SO4  )   6% N.
- Liquid fertilizers: -
  • Calcium nitrate, 11% nitrogen, 13 % calcium.
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Company Road Map 2022-2027

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El Nasr For Fertilizers & Chemical Industries is one of the leading companies in manufacturing fertilizers and chemicals....

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El Nasr Co. For Fertilizers & Chemical Industries is one of the prestigious companies in Egypt and the Arab world...

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The Company keen to develop the stability and comfort of employees at the top of their interest by provides essential services as social services residential city, provide integrated facilities and services for the company's employees and their families in return for a symbolic utilization fees. Also there are primary and secondary school for the worker’s children

Social & sport club offers of social services for employees with discounted prices, the most important of these activities: Trips to resorts and tourist cites. The club include a hall for the wedding’s parties and restaurant on the high level of quality provides furious kinds of food  and also stadium to practice sports activities.

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